29 5 / 2012

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This is the fourth short film created for THE DEVOTION PROJECT, an ongoing series of films documenting LGBTQ couples and the love they share. It premiered online on May 29, 2012. The first three films, “More Than Ever”, “Say Only Yes”, and “Listen from the Heart” are also available on this channel.

Featuring Eric, Anne and Jonah Plemons.

Produced and Directed by Antony Osso, Director of Photography Martina Radwan, Edited by Todd Sandler, Music by Paul Hsu, Sound Mixer Winson “Church” Tam, Camera Assistant Joi Foley, Sound Re-recording Mixer Luciano Vignola, Colorist Will Cox.

Post Production Services provided by Final Frame and C5 Sound in New York City.

Copyright 2012 Antony Osso.

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